Five foods that counteract the impact of pollution and how to process them

Is your skin dull and wrinkled? It could be that you are experiencing premature aging due to pollution. According to nutritionist Puteri Aisyaffa, we are often exposed to pollution but do not realize it. In fact, pollution that enters our bodies will release free radicals that have a negative impact on health and beauty.

Then, how to fend off the bad effects of pollution on the body? Puteri said one way is to eat foods high in antioxidants. These antioxidants will inhibit the oxidation process in the body, as well as bind free radicals, so that the body is not damaged by pollution.

Check out the five types of food you should eat and tips from Masterchef Indonesia's sixth season alumnus Christina Amelia Chuatan to process these ingredients so they don't get boring, quoted from the official Food Sustainnesia broadcast, Thursday.


Avocados, tomatoes, and guava can be an option because they are rich in antioxidants.

Apart from making juice or consuming it just like that, Amel sees that avocados with a legit and creamy flesh texture are versatile. Avocados can be made sweet or savory.

For sweet foods, avocados can be processed into puddings and mousses . However, he reminded that not all avocados can be cooked because some give off a bitter taste when exposed to heat.

“It is safest to be processed into avocado toast. You just need to thinly slice or crush the avocado flesh, season it with salt and pepper, and eat it on toast."

Tomatoes, apart from being juiced or as a salad, can be made into bruschetta custard so that it looks luxurious.

“Tomatoes are a substitute for MSG, because this fruit also has an umami taste, similar to mushrooms. Simply grilled with olive oil, salt, and pepper, it's really good. Alternatively, tomatoes can also be sauteed with eggs to be scrambled. Savory and definitely addictive," said Amel.

Meanwhile, guava is more suitable for pickles or juice. Because the taste is not strong or prominent, guava actually easily absorbs other flavors, so it is fresh when made pickled. Guava can also be processed into jam or sorbet.


You'll usually find cashews in the form of hotcakes, cookie sprinkles, or kung-pao chicken mixes. Amel said cashew nuts can be used as a healthy snack. The trick, mix cashews, dry grated coconut, and honey, sprinkle with sesame, then bake.

“Or you can make it into cashew butter, a kind of peanut butter. Creamy , savory, healthy, and filling. Cook cashews by boiling for a while. Do not bake, because the water content will be lost. Once cooked, puree, mix cream, milk and butter. You can just rub it on the bread.”


When you don't have much time, sweet potatoes are usually served in the simplest way, namely fried, steamed, or made into a compote mixture. It's already delicious, because the original taste is already sweet. If you're looking for other ideas for processing sweet potatoes, you can copy how to make sweet potato casserole which is often made by Amel.

“Sweets are one of my favorite food ingredients, because they can be a substitute for carbohydrates that taste sweet and have a legit texture. To make a casserole , the sweet potato is first steamed and then crushed. Combine eggs and butter, place in a baking dish, sprinkle with nuts or marshmallows, then bake.”

Or, you can try other ideas. Sweet potato cut into squares, place in a baking dish, sprinkle with cinnamon powder, lime juice, and honey. This preparation can be a healthy snack.


For Indonesians, mackerel is a familiar type of seafood . Various preparations use mackerel as the main ingredient, such as otak-otak, pempek, fish balls, and tekwan.

“The mackerel is sweet and not as dense as tuna. That's why fish balls tend to have a sweet taste," he said.

According to Amel, mackerel must be delicious cooked even without a lot of seasoning.

"With simple seasonings, namely salt, pepper, coriander, turmeric, and tamarind, mackerel can be fried, then eaten. with salad and chili paste. Delicious!” said Amel, who often eats fresh mackerel while living in Kalimantan.